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Austere Manufacturing Cam Utility Straps - Ranger Green / Orange

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Austere Manufacturing Cam Utility Straps - Ranger Green / Orange

The 3/4" cam buckles are CNC machined from billet aluminum to deliver the ultimate in simple, lightweight, elegant utility. The titanium pin keeps the weight to a minimum while delivering huge load capacity in a tiny footprint and high-strength performance.
They are exceptionally strong, don’t get brittle in the cold, easy to use (even with cold hands), and easy on the eye colours. The straps are 3ft long which we found to be a great balance of length for securing assorted sized items, however length is sufficient as to not always have an unwieldy tail.

* Weight with 3ft strap: 23g
* Made in USA
* Price is per strap

* Strap length 36”
* 3/4" nylon webbing offers great abrasion resistance and strength

Buckle Specs:
* Designed for 3/4" webbing
* .98" Wide x 1.14" Long
* 8.2 grams
* Machined from billet aluminum
* Titanium pin for lightweight and high-strength performance
* Corrosion-resistant stainless steel spring

Note by Austere Manufacturing:
*Austere Manufacturing buckles are tough, but they're not meant for anything safety-critical. DO NOT use these buckles or straps or any other Austere Manufacturing product in any application where a failure or malfunction could cause damage, injury, or death. Our products are NOT certified, and we cannot provide any guarantee of their suitability for any particular purpose. You assume all risk for your use of these products.